The String Theory


As Adam lay his palm flat against the table Miranda searched his face for signs of deception, a subtle break in the cool demeanor, but found nothing more than the calm gaze of steely blue eyes. His request was simple enough but the circumstances of their meeting fosters doubt. He’s hiding something. Ignoring the concern she complies. What happened next causes an icy chill to shoot down her spine. Her heart pounding and mind racing, Miranda  struggles to understand. Could she trust even her own senses while witnessing the impossible? 
Despite her formidable intellect, nothing could have prepared Miranda for their meeting. His discovery would rock the very foundations of the laws of physics, but she has doubts and suspects an elaborate hoax. As Miranda searches for answers troublesome new questions arise when she notices inconsistencies in Adam’s persona. Despite her suspicions, and best efforts to resist his charms, Miranda finds herself falling for the mysterious stranger.



But  Adam  James  is  not  who  he  pretends  to  be . . .





Photograph by Emma Hudson.